We are at a cusp. On one side fast fashion is taking over our lives and damaging the planet, on the other there is immense talent in our local craftsmen and an increasing appreciation for all things handmade and natural that last.

We at Milishilp chose our side and present all things beautiful and natural. We draw inspiration from richness and diversity of our local handicrafts and present it to you with a touch of modernity - be it for your home or yourself. Crafted from handloom fabrics from all over India & local art like Madhubani on tussar silks, pattachitra, shibori, bandhini - we curate an ensemble for the modern woman from jewellery to jutis - all handmade.

We believe true beauty lies in being authentic and rooted to culture and we reflect it in our collections of handmade products and would go to any length to source only from the best local vendors. It has won us much love. Now we are delighted to have a online marketplace, where one can see our creations and experience the vibe.

Discover the beauty of our homegrown crafts , enjoy the burst of vibrant colors and natural fabrics. Welcome to the home of local craft, where less is more and natural is the new fashion.

Welcome to Milishilp