A Tale of Two Sisters

An old African proverb says "If you educate a man, you educate an individual. If you a educate a woman, you educate a family". We have lived this with our creator in chief, meet Reshma, an integral part of the Milishilp (or Needle & Thread) core team. Reshma came into our lives nearly 25years ago as a house help. She quickly showed the founder Dr. Milan that she was capable of much more than just cooking and cleaning. Reshma hasn't looked back since then as she manages the team of craftsmen & women and remains incharge of all the local operations at MiliShilp.Following Reshma's footprint, her sister Zeba is also part of the Milishilp family. Zeba is part of our creative team and the magic of her hands makes many of our products stand out with unique touch of creativity and passion. Reshma & Zeba make a formidable team at Milishilp, much like the founders who are also sisters - Dr. Milan & Dr. Shilpi Khanna. Their skill and their passion for the craft and self-belief to make their own lives and that of others around them better is a testament to why it is so fulfilling to promote and support local artisans. You don't just buy a product, you give girls like Reshma and Zeba a dream - of a better life, a better society.